About Us

The Law Office of Dianne S. Ruhlandt specializes in representing business and property owners in a variety of legal proceedings, including debt collection, bankruptcy, breach of contract, foreclosure, lien enforcement, lease enforcement and eviction actions.  Based in Redford, Michigan, Ms. Ruhlandt is a solo practitioner who understands that hiring legal counsel is a serious decision that constitutes an investment in protecting valuable legal rights.  When confronted with a legal problem, the prudent business owner needs to find an attorney who is capable, dedicated and reliable, at a price that makes the decision to hire counsel worthwhile.

The Law Office of Dianne S. Ruhlandt has the experience and personal accountability that businesses and landlords are looking for when a legal dispute requires the retention of an attorney.  With nearly 25 years of courtroom experience, Ms. Ruhlandt has ably represented clients in federal and bankruptcy courts, in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, and in numerous circuit and district courts throughout the State of Michigan.   She also is well-versed in alternative dispute resolution and outside of the courtroom solutions as well as post-judgment enforcement and debt collection strategies. 

The Law Office of Dianne S. Ruhlandt is able to keep its fees affordable for most businesses and individuals since it does not operate from a traditional brick-and-mortar office space and employs a hybrid rate structure of fixed and hourly fees.  

The Law Office of Dianne S. Ruhlandt also knows that its reputation as a capable, dedicated and reliable choice for legal counsel is its greatest asset.  While no law firm can guarantee any particular result in a legal proceeding, we can guarantee that our legal services will be provided to you professionally, proficiently and passionately.  

The Law Office of Dianne S. Ruhlandt additionally focuses on helping businesses and individuals navigate through the complexities of governmental mandates and burdensome regulations through its Lady Justice Law of Michigan practice.  Its motto is “Advocate for the Forgotten.”  The “little guy” often bears the burden of bureaucratic barriers and governmental overreaching and Lady Justice Law of Michigan stands ready to fight for a just result when “the system” seems to have forgotten the human side of “liberty and justice for all.”  Further, Ms. Ruhlandt is dedicated to helping safeguard those unalienable, God-given rights which are embodied in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, from the First Amendment’s protection of free speech and religious liberty to the Tenth Amendment’s injunction against an overly expansive federal government.